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JRW Artworks - About Artist Jason Webster

I am a self taught artist and have been painting since July 2015.

I currently work in the Motor Vehicle industry full time as a Senior Salesperson for Peel Subaru in Mandurah, Western Australia and have taken on this new hobby of painting which I am loving.

I have always had a passion for drawing and design but never knew I could paint until one day I saw a painting done by another artist of a dog and I though I'd give it a try. After watching an art show on TV, I was inspired to try new things and was amazed at what I produced.

I was never one for social media but after joining Instagram I have been overwhelmed by the love many people around the world have given me for the appreciation of my work.

I have also been inspired by other people on Instagram and have started exploring new art forms and techniques using knives to paint and resin to make those colours pop.

I have always had the "have a go" attitude rather than saying "I can't do that", and always look forward to the challenge of trying something new. In July 2016 I held my first ever Solo Art Exhibition in the Exeter Art Gallery at Fairbridge and invited back for another solo exhibition in 2017.

Please take time to have a look around my website and if you have any comments or questions, please  send me an email. I hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to my website.

There’s much more to come.

2018 Mandjar Art Awards

My entry into the 2018 9"x5" Art Exhibition "Mandurah - Life in Art"

at the Vivid Gallery

Why Us?

All of my artworks are originals, not prints or copies. This simply makes it more valuable to you as it is the only piece of it's kind in the world.

There may be something similar but it will never be the same.

I am very passionate about everything I do and always willing to simply have a go or try something new.

My first painting 26th July 2015

My first Solo Art Exhibition in the Exeter Art Gallery at Fairbridge in July 2016

My second Solo Art Exhibition in the Exteter Art Gallery at Fairbridge in April 2017